Miley Cyrus crashes 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' (in a panda costume)

Miley Cyrus decided to crash The Tonight Show Show With Jimmy Fallon... again. After the singer interrupted the late night host's monologue on Tuesday night (May 16), she popped up once more Wednesday night (May 17). It's all part of her NBC takeover to promote her new single "Malibu."

About a nanosecond after Jimmy Fallon pulled a Panda Express joke out of his hat on The Tonight Show (May 17), the in-house band cued up jubilant music for the arrival of a dancing panda. Except, the panda had a Katy Perry "Left Shark moment" when Fallon let out "you were a little late in the entrance; your dancing seems to be a little off." After the host allows for the costumed dancer to take another crack at the routine, he's still unsatisfied wondering why the panda was so off.

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Taking off the mask, Cyrus revealed that she was the panda needing to "work on [her] dance moves before [she performs her] new single 'Malibu.'" The singer danced her way off stage and continued backstage -- Fallon giving "Malibu" one last plug.

As the singer mentioned, she's gearing up for her first live televised performance of the single at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards this Sunday (May 21). In the song's starting week on the Billboard Hot 100, the recent Billboard cover star started at No. 64.