Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, and fiance Austin Forsyth suddenly reschedule wedding from October 28 to this weekend

Could the Duggar family be bracing for another scandal?

Rumors are swirling after news broke that Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, and her 22-year-old fiance Austin Forsyth have suddenly rescheduled their wedding. The couple planned to tie the knot on October 28, but they've reportedly bumped the date up -- to this weekend.

The Daily Mail reports that despite a planned seven-month engagement, the couple will wed on Saturday, May 20. They got engaged in March 2017. An insider says that the wedding will be held close to the Duggars' large compound in Arkansas, where most of Joy-Anna's 18 siblings still live.

The impromptu switch has fans murmuring about possible reasoning. The Duggar family is famously conservative: Parents Jim Bob and Michelle don't allow any dates without chaperones, and in fact, dating isn't even called "dating"; it's "entering a courtship." The only permitted form of physical affection are side hugs, meaning that couples' first kisses take place on their wedding day.

After spilling details of the date change, the insider added, "That's all I know right now except I hope Joy gets up the nerve to run before then and live the life God gave her, not the one arranged for her by her fruitcake dad."

Strangest Duggar family rules
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Strangest Duggar family rules
The Duggars are only permitted to join social media after they're engaged to be married. Yup, you read that right -- no ring, no Instagram. Jinger launched her Instagram account just after announcing her engagement to Jeremy Vuolo.
The strict social media rule means that oldest daughter Jana (far right) is unable to have any social media accounts, as she's still single at 27.
The only permitted show of physical affection before marriage are side hugs. That means that the kids' very first kisses are on their wedding days. Jessa and her new husband decided to keep theirs a little private: "We didn’t do ours on stage," she said. "We had ours in private after the ceremony. We ran out and then went to a room by ourselves. That was really special for us."
Although sex is forbidden before marriage, the Duggar parents expect that once vows are exchanged, the lovemaking commences -- often. "You need to always be available when he calls," Michelle has said.
Nearly all dates must be chaperoned by parents Jim Bob and Michelle. If neither parent is available, an older sibling will tag along to keep an eye on things.
Duggar daughters are required to exclusively wear dresses and skirts -- so fans were stunned to see newly-married Jinger wearing shorts and pants! According to reports, her husband gave her permission to do so.
All texts are group texts. Yup! There are no private convos going on here. One example: When Ben Seewald jokingly texted fiance Jessa "Give me a ring," dad Jim Bob was looped in to quickly respond, "No ring yet."  
This one's a given. There is no smoking or drinking to be had at any times with the Duggars.
This may not be an explicit rule, but according to the Duggar daughters, mom Michelle always has the house stocked with pregnancy tests for her married daughters.
The family does not approve of Halloween, reportedly saying that magic and witches are representative of a "demonic realm God wants us to stay away from."
No bikinis for this family -- or really, any average swimsuits at all. "It's just too hard for the guys to try and keep their eyes averted." Michelle has said. Although they've previously said beach trips are forbidden, the family did hit the coast in 2016.

In a new pre-Mother's Day video created for Michelle, several daughters express their gratitude for their mom. After thanking her Michelle for helping her plan her upcoming wedding, Joy-Anna is shown smiling into the eyes of her future husband and saying, "I can't wait to be a mother myself." It's unclear when the video was filmed.

Joy-Anna and Austin have been friends for more than 15 years. His equally-religious family owns a Christian camp in Arkansas, where families can go horseback riding, practice archery and do other outdoor activities. In 2009, Austin's family was featured on CMT's "World's Strictest Parents," where it was confirmed that children are required to take a vow of abstinence until marriage.

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