Disney recently asked Miley Cyrus about pursuing a 'Hannah Montana' reboot


Disney is pumped about its "That's So Raven" reboot -- and it wants "Hannah Montana" to be next in line!

Miley Cyrus confirmed this week that Disney very recently pitched the idea to her, and before you assume her response, she wasn't completely turned off by the idea. The topic came up during Cyrus' interview on The Zach Sang Show.

"If they ever -- if they ever approached you with a 'Hannah Montana' spinoff..." Sang began.

"Dude," Cyrus immediately replied. "I had to go to Disney the other day to promote, and ... you know that was the first thing they said. Because Raven's back."

After noting that the upcoming "Raven's Home" will be her "binge-watch of the year," Cyrus gave a solid answer that mostly closed the door -- but still left it a little bit ajar. "Probably not," she said. "Probably not, because ... it's a lot of time to be spent with my dad. I have enough dad time."

The newly-sober "Malibu" singer pointed out that she not only spent countless hours with dad Billy Ray Cyrus on the Disney Channel set, but she also spent every single day with her grandma: "That's why like, as soon as I turned 18, you guys wonder why I was twerking at Juicy J shows, I had just spent ten years every day with my dad and grandma."

We can safely assume that if the show does make a return, it won't be anytime soon -- but has anyone approached Hilary Duff about bringing back "Lizzie McGuire"??

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