'Dancing With the Stars' Semifinals Recap: Did the right couple go home?


We've officially reached the home stretch of Dancing With the Stars' latest season, and you know what that means: The performances will be spectacular, the emotional breakdowns will be frequent... and there's always time forone more shocking elimination.

All of that proved true during Monday's semifinals broadcast, which seemed to challenge the final four contestants in ways both moving (Simone Biles tearfully admitting that she'd reached her limit) and just plain weird (David Ross putting a lemon... somewhere anatomically unsavory).

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Those struggles in rehearsal weren't for naught. Over the course of two hours, the remaining couples turned in performances that were emotionally compelling, massively fun or — in at least one case — a combination of the two.

And yet, the night wasn't without its plot twists: Pitted against David for the last spot in next week's finale, Simone was sent home during a results announcement that left the entire ballroom — including David and Lindsay, correctly — agape. (But really, after Heather Morris was sent home in Week 6, are any of us really surprised by this turn of events?)

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First, let's review how each couple was scored on their two dances this Monday:

* Normani Kordei and pro Val Chmerkovskiy: Viennese Waltz (36/40) and Jazz (40/40)

* David Ross and pro Lindsay Arnold: Foxtrot (34/40) and Tango (36/40)

* Simone Biles and pro Sasha Farber: Jive (40/40) and Rumba (40/40) — Those back-to-back perfect scores really make the elimination sting a bit more, huh?

* Rashad Jennings and pro Emma Slater: Rumba (38/40) and Quickstep (39/40)

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And, of course, the full results:

ADVANCING TO FINALS (in order they were announced)
Normani Kordei and pro Val Chmerkovskiy
Rashad Jennings and pro Emma Slater
David Ross and pro Lindsay Arnold

Simone Biles and pro Sasha Farber

See photos of Simone Biles: