Stars who look way younger than they actually are

There are some Hollywood star who just never seem to age.

From Gabrielle Union to Mary Louise-Parker, we're convinced the celebs who have made this list have discovered the fountain of youth and failed to tell the rest of us.

Susan Sarandon -- if you can believe it -- is actually 70?! The actress' porcelain-like complexion definitely doesn't give her age away.

Gwen Stefani looks like someone in her 20s, but she's really 47. We definitely have a line from one of her songs to describe our reaction: "This sh-t is bananas!"

And then you also have the celeb moms who could easily pass as their daughters' sisters. Reese Witherspoon is seriously twinning with her 17-year-old kiddo Ava, while Katie Holmes is doing the same with her 11-year-old daughter. Life seriously isn't fair!

And there are more stars who will have you completely shocked by their real ages -- check it out in the slideshow above!

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