Sarah Michelle Gellar's look-alike mommy-daughter photo is almost scary

Reese Witherspoon's daughter looks more like her sister, and Suri Cruise already has her mom's impeccable style -- but behold the ultimate celebrity look-alike family.

Sarah Michelle Gellar floored fans on Sunday with a photo of herself and daughter Charlotte. Wait, sorry, that's not Charlotte... that's Sarah and her mom!

You may have trouble wrapping your mind around it, but it's true: That wavy-haired blonde woman who is clearly Sarah Michelle Gellar is, in fact, not Sarah Michelle Gellar. It's her mom, Rosellen! Sarah really is her mother's absolute spitting image, and she knows it: "Believe it or not, that is not me and my daughter," she wrote.

Sarah wrapped up her caption with a message to all moms: "We all know every day is #mothersday but may as well take this one today for ourselves!!" she wrote.

A doting mom to Charlotte as well as son Rocky, Sarah has let her acting career take a backseat to mommy duties this year. She's worked nonstop since the 1980s -- we can't blame her! Husband Freddie Prince Jr. is also on hand to share the parenting duties.

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