Jenna Dewan Tatum on funny moments with her family

Jenna Dewan Tatum stopped by BUILD Series NYC to promote her new show "World Of Dance." While promoting the show she told some funny stories about her husband, actor Channing Tatum and their daughter Everly.

Channing and Jenna Tatum first met on the set of the dance movie "Step Up." Last year was the ten year anniversary of the film. Tatum and her husband wondered if they still could do all the dance moves from the movie. Especially the dance that involved Channing lifting his wife up in the air.

"We did the lift outside our yard just to prove that we can still do it!"

Most of us are fans of the movie and all the amazing dances in it, but Tatum's daughter, Everly, definitely is not. While vacationing in Mexico, Tatum tried to get her daughter to watch the movie. Everly was less than impressed and had one thing to say to her mother.

"Can we watch something good?"

Everly may not appreciate her parents' acting, but she may follow in their dancing footsteps.

"She [Everly] was not interested initially; she said no to a [dance] class. Then just a week ago, actually it was dance class day on Sunday, she said, 'I think I want to go dance today.' You've never seen me get a child out the house faster in my life. She wore a bright pink tutu; I filmed the whole thing, it was adorable. She was following the teacher, which is already a win and they were doing a dance to MC Hammer's 'Can't Touch This.' She is free. We have dance parties, put on music and dance around. She is really into twirling; she likes to twirl around and get dizzy."

Everly is becoming quite the dancer to her mother's delight, but don't worry Tatum won't become a crazy dance mom.

"She already knows arabesque. I'm not a dance mom! I'm not sitting at home going, put on dew points!"

Hopefully, Everly will follow in her parent's footsteps.

You can catch Tatum as the Host of 'World Of Dance' May, 30th on NBC.