How Hollywood's coolest moms celebrated Mothers' Day

How do celeb mommas celebrate Mother's Day? A lot like everyone else!

Tons of celebrity mothers celebrated the special day on Sunday by spending time with their families, having brunch, enjoying lots of gifts from their kiddos, and honoring their own mothers on social media.

Kelly Ripa enjoyed breakfast with her family, Sofia Vergara got a couple special surprises from her family, Katherine Heigl celebrated with her children and her mom, Jessica Simpson posted a sweet photo with her sister and mom, and more.

Check out all the sweet snaps below:

How the Stars Celebrated Mother's Day
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How the Stars Celebrated Mother's Day
Being a mom is one of the biggest joys of my life. I have learned so much from my 3 kids... patience, kindness, humility, creativity and of course, how to tell a great knock-knock joke! 😉 To my wonderful kids, I love you more than you will ever know (You will figure that out as soon as you have your own kids. 😘) Always know how grateful I am everyday I get to be your mom!! 💖✨💖
Mothers Day🌹🌹🌹🌹 @manologonzalezvergara @cdvergara
Happy #MothersDay to the best mum on the planet. You are the kindest, bravest and most incredible person I know! Love you so much ❤️
Tim hortons timbits donut bouquet! Happy Mother's Day to me! #paidtimfriend @timhortonsus #lovemesometimbits 🍩
Happy Mother's Day! I 💚you M
There is no bigger love that I have ever experienced. Thank you my angels for choosing me to be your mom. Sending so much love to all the mothers in the world specially to mine ! Enjoy your special day!! #Happymothersday ❤Não há amor maior do que o de mãe. Obrigada meus anjos por me escolherem para ser sua mãe. Enviando muito amor a todas as mães do mundo, especialmente à minha! Aproveitem seu dia especial!! #Felizdiadasmaes
Happy Mother's Day to the woman I call mom....Grandmama Faye, not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Miss you and love you dearly. #MyAngel
Happy mothers day to my mom and all the mothers!! Feliz dia de las madres!!💕💕🌹🌹🌹
Thanks guys for the royal treatment! So happy to spend Mother's Day with @rachaeleharris and @frontierhero for baby Henry's very 1st Mother's Day. Thanks @instasuelos 🐥🐥🐥🐣❤️❤️❤️❤️#vaucluse
Happy Mother's Day!!! To the biggest sacrificers, dream protectors, multi taskers, caretakers, short order cooks prayer Mae Alice, my to you today ❤❤❤❤
The classic mom looks at the wrong place on the iPhone 10 times until you finally just give up and say we got it selfie. Happy Mother's Day mommy.
Happy 1st official Mother's Day my love 😍 🌺💐🌸🌼🌹🌷
Thank you for the enormous amount of pain you went through pushing Alex and I into this world. And then for the subsequent years you spent dealing with our antics (that undoubtedly also caused you pain). We were little shits. I remember. (I've also been told) Well, you survived us, and years later you somehow still love us as though we had been angelic children the whole time. (We weren't) Thank you for guiding us through life in such a loving and supportive way. Thank you for driving me to all my dance and gymnastics classes. Thank you for pretending to not hear me sneaking out of my window to go to parties in Highschool. My momma, my best friend. My Miché. I love you ❤️ #HappyMothersDay @michaela_paintaworld
I don't give this woman enough praise... her strength is beyond measure. Her patience is godlike. Raising me definitely wasn't an easy task but you are stronger because you gave me life. MY DAUGHTER is my greatest blessing but I'm nothing without her Mimi. I LOVE YOU MOM. ❤️😘❤️❤️
Mothers Day!!! 🌺🌺🌺#proud mama #grateful Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful Mamas!!
Believe it or not, that is not me and my daughter, it is my mom and me!! My favorite quote my mother said to me - "nothing is really ever lost, until a mother can't find it" so true- Today to all the moms, step moms, foster moms, moms of animals- we all know everyday is #mothersday but may as well take this one today for ourselves!!
An amazing gift for #MothersDay. Thank you to my three sons, & #ABCsMothersDay for presenting me with this wonderful Mother of the Year award. (TY @people)
I hope you moms & dads who do double duty had a lovely Mother's Day. Eloise made me this sweet gift & my older girls surprised me by having a masseuse come🌸
Becoming a mother was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. To conceive was a nearly impossible feat. I am grateful to God, my husband, family, friends and doctors who stood by me for the 8 years it took to conceive James Knight. The countless miracles that were given to Leo Thames and I so that he was not only born but survived TGA. To every mother- I love you. To every woman- I love you. To every human being (no matter your gender) that has ever struggled before, during and after pregnancy- I love you. To those that experienced only smooth, graceful and happy journeys... I love you. To those that choose a path to not have children- I love you. Happy Mother's Day to all! 💕
Thank you to my babies for choosing me and allowing me to be your mom. You've given me a deep love I can't explain. I'm always here to teach you and protect you! Thank you for making my Mothers Day so special!
To say my life completely changed when this little angel was born is an understatement. The love I feel is overwhelming. Thank you Evie for showing me what life is about and choosing me as your mommy♥️♥️ And to all the mamas out there- you are WARRIORS and I bow down to you all. Take some time today to love and spoil yourself :) Happy Mothers Day!!
Today may be Mothers Day, but I am truly grateful each and every day for my extraordinary mom. @tlkloss Not a day goes by that I take you for granted. Thank you for sharing your limitless love, your tireless patience (heaven knows we certainly tested it thru the years!) And your brilliant wisdom with my sisters and I. Thank you for being our most important teacher in life, we love you more than you will ever know. ❤
What a wonderful Mother's Day! I hope all you moms out there had just as perfect a day as I did! @tasiasteffensen thank you for joining our crazy crew and making the day that much more amazing! @joshbkelley thank you for making this mama feel not only loved and supported but special and beautiful too! And a BIG thank you to my mom Nancy Heigl for being the best example of unconditional love, support, faith and fierceness I could ever hope for! Thank you doesn't even begin to cover it! #mothersday2017 #thoseheavenlydays
Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful inspiring mom. Thank you for letting me call you every 5 minutes :) You know you are everything to me! I love you, I love you, I love you ❤️
The best mommy a girl could wish for! Love you Mom and Happy Mother's Day! Wishing all the moms of littles, bigs, angels, fur babies, moms to be, and Godmoms a beautiful day! 🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺
💗Happy Mother's Day to my momma Bebe and her momma Dorothea. We call her GG for great Grammy 💗 I'm so grateful to you both and love you to bits 💗
I saved the Queen for last! Mom you have walked through the fire for us all and I know in my heart you would do it all over again to keep us safe. We've all been through so much together & you are always our strength when we need it. I love you so much!
Possibly a little blood, def a lot of sweat, but no tears for this new hiker! @sdfstar25 Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful, strong, hilarious mama 😙🍾
Happy Mother's Day to Luna's awesome grandmothers too!!
Happy Mother's Day to my mom ❤❤❤ wish I was there with you today. Love you!!!!!
Happy Mothers Day to the best mama and grandma ever and to all the moms out there ❤️
What I’ve learned is that mothering requires work, thought and energy, 24/7. It requires you to show up as gentle and strong, kind and tough, and patient and unconditionally loving. It requires you to do all of this without allowing anyone to walk all over you and the love that you’re providing. #HappyMothersDay [Read more of what I've Been Thinking today - link in bio]
Happy Mother's Day! May u spend yours in your jammies like My mom and my little girl. ❤️❤️
happy mama's day you legend @cindycrawford
She is not with me anymore on earth but she is always with me in spirit. Love you mama!!! Happy Mothers Day!!
Happy Mother's Day to all mom's. I am blessed everyday with my momma. I am thankful for all she has done including the outfits she sewed for me and my bangs she trimmed. #happymothersday #homemade #bangtrim #gogoboots #iloveyoumom #mommasboy Danny
Happy Mother's Day!!!!
I never forget how lucky I am to have had such a loving mother. ❤️ Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas out there!
My mom's engagement photo from over 50 years ago. She's prettier now, but this isn't too bad...Love you, Mom!
Happy Mothers Day Mom.... #Rip #NancyHart

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