Elton John offers sweet Mother's Day wishes to 92-year-old mom after years of estrangement

Have your tissues ready for this one: Elton John and his 92-year-old mother, Sheila, have officially put their rocky past behind them.

Elton shared a sweet message to his mother on Instagram for Mother's Day, unexpectedly confirming that he is back on good terms with Sheila after years of estrangement and feuding.

"Dear Mum, Happy Mother's Day! So happy we are back in touch," he wrote. "Love, Elton xo."

The mother and son had a falling out in 2008, with tabloids reporting that Elton was angry his mother remained close with two friends he'd cut out of his life. However, he told the Daily Mail that he's chosen to let bygones be bygones.

"Out of respect for my mother's privacy, I have always shied away from speaking publicly about our relationship," he said. "However, I can say that we are now back in touch and have been so since my mother's 90th birthday."

The peaceful reunion is likely a relief for both Elton and his mother, who divorced when Elton was 15. An only child, Elton had a poor relationship with his father -- he never once even saw Elton perform. "My father was sealed off from my talent and I never knew why," Elton once wrote. "Was it homophobia? Was it fear?" His father has since passed away.

We're glad Elton and his mom are back on track with a positive relationship!

Celebrity Mom/Daughter Feuds
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Celebrity Mom/Daughter Feuds
Ariel Winter was just rising to fame on "Modern Family" when she was removed from her mom's home amid claims that her mother was emotionally and physically abusive. Her sister has taken up court battles to prevent their mother from re-entering their lives.
Jennifer Aniston iced out her mom, model Nancy Dow, after Nancy wrote a tell-all book about her daughter -- "From Mother to Daughter to Friends" -- in 1999. (Seriously??) Furious, Jennifer didn't invite her to her wedding to Brad Pitt in 2000, and she's opened up publicly about their contentious relationship: "She was very critical of me ... She was also very unforgiving; she would hold grudges that I just found so petty." Nancy passed away in 2016.

Drew Barrymore was born into Hollywood royalty, but her relationship with her parents hasn't been so majestic. At 15, already a recovering alcoholic, Drew emancipated herself from her parents. Her father has passed away, and she's said that she and her mom, Jaid, just can't be in "each other's lives at this point."

What is it with celebrity parents dishing secrets to the press? In 1992, Meg Ryan was married to Dennis Quaid. Her mother's husband took it upon himself to spill details of Dennis' alleged drug addiction. A few years later, her mom also spoke to the press about Meg's affair with Russell Crowe. Keep your opinions within the family, parents.

Leighton Meester's mother was incarcerated when she gave birth, and unfortunately, things continued on a negative path from there. Among other disturbing incidences, she used money intended for Leighton's brother's medical bills to instead get plastic surgery and hair extensions. She successfully sued for custody of her brother.
This photo was taken in May 2017, so it's safe to say that Frances Bean Cobain and mom Courtney Love have put their differences behind them. But in 2009, Frances went so far as to file a restraining order against her mother. They publicly feuded for years.
Rosie O'Donnell's 19-year-old daughter, Chelsea, has recently lodged claims of abuse against her mother. She's said that her mother has a drinking problem. In May 2017, she said Rosie has said "if she really wanted to she could kill me, she's that strong." Chelsea has reportedly dealt with heroin addiction and other drug-related issues.
Although they've reconciled in recent years, Tori Spelling and mom Candy feuded for years: When Tori's father, Aaron, passed away, Candy didn't inform her daughter of his death. Not long later, Tori found out she'd been all but cut out of her father's gigantic estate. The family drama continued for years.
Kellie Pickler's mother, Cynthia, abandoned Kellie when she was just a baby. Cynthia has since shown an interest in reuniting with the country star, but according to reports, Kellie hasn't reciprocated.
Vanessa Minnillo didn't invite her mom, Helen, to her 2011 wedding to Nick Lachey. When she was nine years old, her mom dropped Vanessa off with her father and never picked her up. They haven't spoken in more than a decade.
Nicole Kidman had a troubled relationship with children Isabella and Connor after splitting from their dad, Tom Cruise. Although Isabella is rarely -- if ever -- seen publicly with Nicole, she told press that they do speak: "Of course we talk, they're my parents," she's said. She did not attend her grandfather's funeral, and her mom wasn't invited to her wedding.
Bethenny Frankel has publicly declared that she hates her mother, Bernadette. According to Bethenny, they haven't spoken for 10 years and never will again.
One of the most legendary celebrity mom-daughter feuds is between Joan Crawford and daughter Christina. The film "Mommie Dearest" showcased Christina's seemingly emotionally abusive childhood as she was raised by monstrous Joan.

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