20th Century Fox wants to revive 'How I Met Your Mother'

Still reeling from CBS' "How I Met Your Mother" finale in 2014? There may be a do-over in store.

Executives at 20th Century Fox are interested in bringing back the show, according to Dana Walden, chairman and CEO of Fox Television Group. Although it's not a done deal, she seemed pretty confident about the idea while speaking about the network's upcoming fall schedule.

"At some point, I would hope we would have the opportunity to reunite those characters and tell new stories if [creators] Craig [Thomas] and Carter [Bays] have the opportunity to do that," Walden told reporters on a conference call.

Fans were stunned by the unexpected finale, which -- spoiler alert! -- killed off the soulmate Ted Moseby had waited nine seasons to meet. Only a few years after their majorly-anticipated wedding, she tragically succumbed to an unknown illness, putting a dark twist on an otherwise usually comedic, uplifting show.

Aforementioned show creators Thomas and Bays have expressed some remorse about the finale -- a year later, Bays said he would do things differently, saying he liked an alternative ending better -- so it's always possible they'd be willing to come back to the table and start fresh.

It would be an interesting pickup for Fox, which recently lost its "American Idol" property to ABC. During the same call, Walden admitted she was quite disappointed to see the show go to the competing network as Fox had planned to revive the show in 2020: "It's obviously a tough one for us," she said.

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