Kevin Bacon strips down for 'I Love Dick'


Emmy-nominated actor Kevin Bacon stopped by AOL's BUILD Series to promote his role as Dick in Amazon's upcoming comedy series 'I Love Dick'. The show is created by Jill Soloway who's responsible for creating Amazon's other original hit series 'Transparent'.

During his interview, he talked about what his pitch was like with Soloway, and shared his thoughts on stripping down in front of the cameras which were mainly operated by women.

"I knew Jill's work from 'Transparent' and I knew that she was attached and Kathryn Hahn was attached whom I'm a big fan of. I loved the pilot. I thought the script was amazing. Jill and I had a quick Skype session and it's what I would call an easy 'Yes'.", said Bacon.

Skype session pitches are usually different each time for Bacon.

"I was going into it with wanting to find out if she could give me some kind of clue about where the character was going. As you see in the pilot, he's kind of distant...he's sort of an iconic figure but I was hoping you could be able to get inside the guy and see a little bit of what's living underneath him and his soul because you sign on for multiple seasons and you want to have some place to go as an actor.", explained Bacon.

"From Jill's standpoint I think she wanted to know if I was a nice guy or not really, because she has a really strong work idea which is that she feels that we should be loving and respectful of each other while we're in the process of making this piece of art and I think that she wanted to see if I was going to be a dick basically [no pun attended]", continued Bacon.

Bacon revered in the fact that the show's production crew consisted of mostly female members including the aforementioned Soloway. When it comes to doing love scenes and stripping down in front of the cameras, Bacon was comfortable in the workspace environment.

"In the case of 'I Love Dick', Jill Soloway and [co-creator] Sarah Gubbins, created a writers room that had only women working in it. We had mostly women directors. There are a lot of women on set, women in all kinds of jobs that sometimes don't normally go to women. I can honestly say that once I get to work, I don't kind of walk around every day and say 'Oh there's another one...there's another woman over there!'. Once we're in the process of making it, you still have to have somebody that turns the camera on, and you still have to send someone to move the light around. The technical part of making it is the same. Jill Soloway creates not just with the woman that are involved but also in the...kind of the vibe on set. She wants to create a workspace that has a lot of love, a lot of support, and a lot of respect for all the jobs that everybody else does."

As a prime example, Soloway would set down a box in the morning and gather everyone involved in the production including the extras in a circle and each person gets a chance to stand up on the box and say whatever speaks their mind. The topics are quite random as Bacon explained:

"It could be something silly. It could be sports related. It could be deeply personal. It can be political. It could be a joke, or play a song. We stop and it creates this sense of community, a sense of family, and the fact that we are grateful to have the opportunity to be there making a piece of art."

You can stream 'I Love Dick' starring Kevin Bacon starting this Friday, May 12th on Amazon Prime Video!