Hot stars with even hotter (and rarely-seen) moms

Who's who?!

It's no surprise that Hollywood's most stunning female stars have mothers who are even more stunning. These gorgeous mother-daughter pairs seriously have us seeing double. And while these rarely-seen moms have chosen to stay out of the spotlight, they totally deserve all the attention they can get.

Selena Gomez's mother, Mandy Teefey, could easily pass as her sister. The two recently hit the red carpet for the premiere of their joint passion project "13 Reasons Why," and it was Selena's mother that made heads turn.

Paulina Gretzky's mom, Janet, could also definitely pass as her sibling. Wayne Gretzky's wife looks absolutely ageless!

Some stars also followed in their mom's footsteps by getting into the entertainment industry. Jordana Brewster's mom was once a swimsuit model, which explains how she got her perfect physique. Liv Tyler's mother also tried her hand at modeling back in the day.

Jennifer Lopez, 47, is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, so it's no surprise that her mom, Guadalupe, is quite a looker. Check out what she looks like in the slideshow above!

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