J-Lo talks A-Rod: Hoda and Savannah grill Jennifer Lopez on 'Today'

Jennifer Lopez may have thought she'd only be talking "World of Dance" Monday morning on NBC's "Today," but Hoda Kodb and Savannah Guthrie had other plans.

After they discussed her upcoming show, which premieres on May 30, the ladies moved on to the real topic of the day: Jennifer's blossoming relationship with Alex Rodriguez. The two have been spotted out and about for months, but they finally made things red-carpet official last week at the Met Gala.

"Okay, wait, J-Lo. This is the get-up-in-your-business portion," Savannah said, to which J-Lo exclaimed, "What's happening?!"

"We have to, because it's important," Hoda said. "You were at the Met, and you had a date on your arm."

"What did you think? That was, like, your big first moment as a couple," Savannah chimed in.

See photos of J-Lo and A-Rod at the Met Gala

"What do you want me to tell you?!" J-Lo said, laughing, as Hoda replied -- dead serious -- "Everything."

The duo asked her one major question she hadn't yet addressed: How does she feel about the J-Rod nickname?

"I figured something like that would happen," Jennifer said. But what about alternative nickname A-Lo? "I don't like that as much."

J-Rod it is! Watch the fun interview here on NBC News' "Today."