Carly Simon unveils 'lost' verse from 'You're So Vain'

For the first time ever, Carly Simon performed the mysterious "lost" verse from her iconic hit "You're So Vain."

Though she had unveiled the actual lyrics from the song's unreleased fourth verse in her memoir in 2015, Simon had never sung the verse in public before she did so recently on BBC's new documentary, "Classic Albums."

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"This is a verse that I haven't ever sung," she says in the footage. "I wrote it a while ago on a pad, but it never made it into the song."

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"You're So Vain" was the first single from Simon's 1972 album No Secrets, which is ironic because the legendary singer has never revealed who the whole song is about. In 2015, she confirmed that the song's second verse is about Warren Beatty, though he's not the subject of the entire song.

"He thinks the whole thing is about him," she told People in 2015, before adding that its also about two other people.

The new fourth verse doesn't reveal any real clues into the mystery, but fits into the rest of the song nonetheless. Read the lyrics below:

A friend of yours revealed to me / That you loved me all the time / Kept it secret from your wives / You believed it was no crime / You called me once to ask me things / I couldn't quite divine / Maybe that's why I have tried to dismiss you, tried to dismiss you

Watch Carly Simon perform the lost "You're So Vain" verse here.

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