Zoe Saldana confirms that Britney Spears spilled the beans about her pregnancy

Is it impossible to be mad at Britney Spears?

Zoe Saldana confirmed this week that Britney made a big faux pas in 2014: She spilled the beans about Zoe's pregnancy before Zoe disclosed anything to the press! Zoe was expecting twins, but she and her husband were keeping it under wraps -- until a reporter asked Britney if she'd ever reunite with her "Crossroads" co-star on-screen.

"Who knows? That's a very good idea," Britney excitedly replied. "But she's pregnant with twins right now. I'm sure she's got a huge future in front of her."

A fan called into "Watch What Happens Live" to get the real story: "I read that Britney Spears was the one who announced you were having twins before you even announced it," the caller said. "Is that true? Did she apologize?"

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"It's so true," Zoe replied. "Literally, the way that it happened was so innocent that I never even thought of holding her accountable to anything. We were on the same flight from L.A. to New York and we just talked for the duration of the flight. She has two boys. I was having twins. We had such a beautiful talk—and I forgot. It never even occurred to me to tell her not to say anything."

In fact, Britney's unexpected reveal only reminded Zoe of why she likes her so much. "She was just being Britney," Zoe said. "I don't mean that in a negative way. I mean that in the way that she lives her life in such truth."

Even though she holds nothing against Britney, Zoe did admit she was taken aback: "I was shocked, because we weren't ready to sort of share that," she said. "But it was Britney, so it was okay."

Zoe has spoken of her admiration for Britney several times over the years. During a past episode "Watch What Happens Live" -- in 2014, the same year as Britney's gaffe! -- she said, "I have a huge amount of respect for Britney Spears. She was the one big, big celeb that I met when I started to work in Hollywood who literally was humble. I do believe that people and children gravitate to good energy, and she's definitely an abundance of that."

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