Justin Theroux says Jennifer Aniston 'doesn't understand' his video game group with Will Arnett

Justin Theroux has one hobby that wife Jennifer Aniston can't wrap her head around.

On Thursday's Late Late Show With James Corden, the Leftovers star talked about being in an Xbox Live group with a few other actors, including Will Arnett. "We play Call of Duty," Theroux said. "Me and Will and some very funny other people log on, and we play that game together and we kill each other."

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When asked what Aniston thinks of his video game group, the 45-year-old actor admitted that "she doesn't understand it."

"You know, girls go on girls' nights, and so you kinda gotta pitch it like, 'Oh, by the way, the guys are getting together tonight,' and she's like, 'Oh cool, where are you going?' and I'm like, 'To my office.' In my ear, we're all together and we're all having fun and we're murdering 11-year-olds," Theroux explained. "She comes to my office and looks in the door and kinda goes like, 'You're just sitting there laughing and howling and screaming.' She just sees blood going across the screen and she doesn't understand that I'm actually having a bros night."

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Theroux has talked to ET in the past about his love for video games, and why his wife won't play with him. "No. Jen does not play the game, and doesn't understand why I play the game, but she allows me to," he noted in a 2015 interview. "She's nice enough to let me go away for a couple hours a couple times a week and play."

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