Food Network star Ayesha Curry gets real about mommy shaming ahead of Mother's Day

Ayesha Curry has a lot on her plate!

Between her Food Network series "Ayesha's Home Kitchen," the opening of her new restaurant International Smoke and the launch of a meal kit delivery service, the bona fide domestic diva is truly dominating at life. And how did we forget -- she's also the wife of NBA superstar Stephen Curry and is mother to two adorable young daughters, Riley and Ryan.

With Ayesha's life in the public life, however, comes criticism. The Food Network star reveals she experiences mommy shaming "all the time."

"It hurts for a second, but I brush it off," she revealed during an exclusive interview at And she also made it clear that it's not just her that experiences shaming, but her husband as well.

During the NBA playoffs in 2015, their daughter Riley became a viral sensation after her dad brought her along for a post-game press conference. Ayesha explained the story behind the situation, which they got a lot of flack from on social media:

"She literally wanted to see her dad and her dad said, 'Okay, come with me.' You guys have Take Your Kid To Work Day today [at AOL] -- he doesn't have that. So that was his moment to take his kid to work. It was super late and she saw him walk by and was screaming for him."

But it was a learning experience for both the two young parents, and opened Stephen's eyes to what really matters most:

"He realized, 'I'm not just an athlete -- I'm a dad with responsibilities and duties.'"

Curry, who currently lives in San Francisco, also admits that she experiences a lot of what she calls "mommy guilt." The star flew 3,000 miles away to the East Coast for a work trip, including to promote her partnership with the National Mango Board, and she bluntly admitted that she had a meltdown because hadn't seen her kiddos for so long.

"This is the longest that I've been away from my girls -- it's been eight days. I was literally having a panic attack ... I definitely had a meltdown and I had to stop and take deep breaths and put everything into perspective," the celeb chef revealed.

Ayesha -- thank goodness -- made it back in time to see Steph and the Golden State Warriors defeat the Portland Trailblazers in Game 4.

While Steph had an incredible game we gotta give the credit to Ayesha's pre-game pasta, a tradition that has been "going strong for eight years."

Golden State now leads Utah Jazz 2-0 in the Western Conference semi-finals.

Ayesha also reveled an adorable move her hubby does before the start of a game. The couple have matching tattoos on their arms, and Steph slaps his own before tipoff:

"What it represents to us is that the past is dead and gone and the future is not promised so live in the moment. It's always a reminder to do everything wholeheartedly."