Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello blast Star magazine's vicious claims about their marriage

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello were not the least bit happy about a recent cover story from Star magazine that claims that their marriage is on the rocks. The duo, who are still very happily married, blasted the entertainment rag for their 'fake news' in individual Instagram posts and confirmed to their fans that the idea of breaking up was total blasphemy.

"The editor of this magazine is an idiot😂if he is going to have my ring removed to created a "fake" "news" he should have made sure that he removed from social media all the other pictures of that award night in Rome where Im wearing it. By the way...thats my friend the producer of the movie Bent that I was shooting in Rome and who came to spend Easter at my home the week later.#Starmagazinebullies#goinventsh*itaboutyourmother," Vergara wrote.

Manganiello followed up with his own post about the magazine cover and wrote, "Big surprise everyone but Star created a fake story and then photo shopped my wife's engagement ring off of her finger in order to sell magazines. They are run by malicious trash. Do the world a favor and don't buy their garbage."

Typically stars don't address the claims from the tabloids, but clearly Vergara and Manganiello felt the need to knock down the vicious rumors. The pair, who wed in Miami in 2015, have been vocal about how happy they are together. And Vergara pointed out that the magazine had photoshopped her ring out of the photo in order to paint a very different picture.

Looks like Sofia and Joe are getting the last laugh here.

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