Sean Hannity tells staff he's not negotiating exit with FOX News (Report)

Sean Hannity has gathered his staff of roughly 30 people to set the record straight: He won't be leaving Fox News despite reports to the contrary, according to a new report on Politico.

Speculation about Hannity's future at the network reached fever pitch in recent days, after the company announced his former producer and network co-president Bill Shine had resigned following an ongoing sexual harassment scandal involving the network's top star Bill O'Reilly — who was ousted.

According to Politico, Hannity decided to call in a staff-wide meeting on Tuesday afternoon, an unusual move for the Fox News host, to let them know he's not going anywhere. He also treated them to pizza.

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The anchor made it clear he was not negotiating an exit despite reports, according to a person who was present at the meeting. Hannity then thanked his staff and told them he was "always available" to answer questions... Don't believe the destroy-Trump media," according to the insider.

Politico also reports that Hannity has a "key man clause" in his contract that gives him the option to exit Fox News at any time after the departure of Ailes, as long as he gives a 60-day notice ahead of time.

On Monday, Shine announced he was leaving the network following several sexual harassment and racial discrimination lawsuits. Shine is named in some of the lawsuits for allegedly turning a blind eye to the sexual harassments going on at his company (Shine has denies any wrongdoing).

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Shine's exit follows a rash of sexual harassment accusations which lead to the ousting of the network's top star Bill O'Reilly last month and Ailes last year.

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Right before Shine's departure, Hannity declared that he would leave if Shine was let go in series of tweets, even coining the hashtag #Istandwithshine

On Monday night, following Shine's resignation, Hannity addressed the issue at the start of his show, saying "I may or may not have a thing or two to say before the show is over just for you. Please stay tuned."

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But by the end of his Monday broadcast, Hannity said nothing other than, "All the lies you've heard about me, they're not true."

A Fox News spokesperson did not respond to TheWrap's request for Comment.

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