Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn discuss their first time working together


Emmy-winning actress Amy Schumer and Oscar award-winning actress Goldie Hawn visited AOL's BUILD Series to promote their roles in the upcoming comedy flick 'Snatched'.

The movie follows Emily Middleton (Schumer) who convinces her "play it safe" mother, Linda Middleton (Hawn) to go with her on the vacation she had intended to go with her now ex-boyfriend who dumped her the night before. Once in "paradise", hilarity ensues as we see Linda and Emily's awkwardness on full display. The mother-daughter duo are forced to bond and work through their differences when their vacation goes awry. Can they survive their crazy adventure? You'll have to see for yourselves!

During the talk, the two comediennes dished about how they met for the first time as well as their biggest takeaways from each other during the shooting process.

Schumer shared the back story details with the audience on how she approached Hawn to co-star with her for this film.

"I read the script and just pictured the two of us the whole time and I never met Goldie and I ran up to her in an airport. I said 'Hello...I hope that we make this movie together', and she was very nice, probably thought I was a little insane (laughs). But we really met in London and 'Yeah, we made it happen!'

Schumer praised Hawn because she was what she deemed "the greatest movie star of my time", and that "she's the funniest person alive". She couldn't picture anyone else to play her mother in the movie.

Interestingly enough, Hawn didn't really know who Schumer was prior to that fateful encounter at the airport.

"Actually, I didn't recognize her. It was like one of those things where somebody comes up and goes 'Hi, um...', and I looked around and I thought 'Oh I must really know her'. I wanted to be polite. But the real meeting was in London [in all seriousness]. It was a Glamour event and we went there and I was with Katie [Dippold] and she was being honored for Entrepreneur of the Year, you [Schumer] were getting honored with a beautiful honor. I was sitting at the table and on you came up to me. That's when we clicked and that's when I knew that it would be something I would really love to do", explained Hawn.

You can thank Schumer for approaching Hawn because this is her first major movie role in fifteen years!

The "mother-daughter" camaraderie was evident during the interview as they went on to say what their biggest takeaway was from the 'Snatched' production.

"She loosened me up for improvisation because I'm not a big improviser. I've always, in those days when I make my movies, I wanted a script. I liked to know where I'm going. But this was so fun because Amy really did help me learn how to do that.", shared Hawn.

"[I learned] so much and even before I knew her and I read her book 'A Lotus Grows in the Mud', I mean but really I would say the biggest takeaway is just not really about work as much as just as a person to just like make sure that you have the most joy in your life as possible. Make sure that you take care of yourself and that's the only way you can take care of the people around you...and to learn your lines! (laughs)", shared Schumer about her co-star.

You can see the very funny Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn in 'Snatched' when it hits theaters on May 12th - Mother's Day Weekend!