Foul ball: 'DWTS' pro passes gas in Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross' face

Good fortune was on his side during the World Series, but David Ross finally ran out of luck this week on "Dancing with the Stars." No, he wasn't eliminated -- he just got a fart in the face.

The retired Chicago Cubs catcher was rehearsing his sci-fi salsa with pro partner Lindsay Arnold when the awkward moment unfolded: During a complicated stunt, Ross mistakenly dropped Lindsay onto the dance room floor, where she landed right on her rear end. It would've been understandable if nature took its course right then and there, but it had other plans.

A few moments later, Arnold was cartwheeling into a handstand, landing upside-down right in front of Ross. Of course, she happened to pass gas at that exact moment -- right into Ross' face. According to Arnold, it was a toot of retribution: "He dropped me on my butt and then my butt was mad at him," she said. "It was payback."

However, she then offered a different explanation, blaming the moment on the salsa theme. "That sci-fi salsa got to me," she said. "That sci-fi salsa will get you every time."

So was it revenge-fueled flatulence or a byproduct of Latin dance? The answer, my friends, is breaking -- sorry, blowing -- in the wind.

Watch the cringe-worthy moment in the video below

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