LL Cool J reveals his dream guests for 'Lip Sync Battle'

The rap legend, LL Cool J, sat down with BUILD Series NYC to talk about his latest two shows "NCIS: Los Angeles" and the very popular "Lip Sync Battle." While promoting his shows he gave us behind the scenes information on how "Lip Sync Battle" works and told us some of the people he would love to see lip sync on the show next.

Many people think celebrities have to rehearse weeks prior to performing on the show, but according to LL Cool J that is not the case.

"We have a great choreographer. The celebrity will call up and say these are the songs that I like. It's up to them they choose their own songs. We can make suggestions if they want us to, but it is up to them. They'd say ok this is the song, or I'd like to float on a chariot, or I'd like to ride a white horse. We tell the choreographer, she whips a version of that celebrities idea and then they come and they watch it. They can jump in and learn the dance if they want, or they can just kinda play the front and let the dancers do it in the back. We make it really easy for the celebrities. We make it simple so they can have fun."

There have been many actors and singers who have performed on "Lip Sync Battle" like Michael Shannon, Channing Tatum and Anne Hathaway among many others. The duo that LL Cool J wants to see on the show next may surprise you. It is not a singer or an actor or anyone in the entertainment industry for that matter.

"For some reason with me, my dream battle is with all the politicians. Like John Mccain vs. George W Bush, or Bill Clinton vs. George W Bush. I want to see Obama vs Michelle that would be amazing."

The 'Lip Sync Battle' host then made a playful plea to the former president and his wife to come on the show. Hopefully, they heard it!

"Come on guys you're in private life now. Hanging out on the yachts, you're having fun, life is great. You're watching this you're laughing, come on do the show."

"Can you Imagine Obama doing Busta Rhymes."

Yes, LL Cool J we can.

You can catch LL Cool J on 'NCIS: Los Angeles' Sunday nights on CBS and on 'Lip Sync Battle' also on Sunday nights on Spike TV.