How Chloe East's love for movie scores began

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From "Liv and Maddie" to "Ice," Chloe East has definitely had a broad range of acting experience.

This young actress started out on the big screen as a teenager, and has continued to grow in the world of film.

Her most recent project is on Audience Network's new show "Ice." The series was created by Rupert Munic and Antoine Fuqua. East portrays the role of Willow Pierce, and the show focuses on the world of diamond dealing, and the treacherous experiences that come out of it.

In the past, East played the character of Val on Disney Channel's "Live and Maddie." The show features a Hollywood actress and her sister, identical twins portrayed by Dove Cameron. The series had a four season run, and ended this spring.

Beyond acting, East has been involved with dancing ever since she was younger, not to mention modeling as well.

We had the chance to chat with East about her diverse hobbies, social media, and much more. Check out part two of our interview below, and read part one for more.

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In the past, you've done some dancing and modeling as well. How did you get started with those other hobbies?

I've been dancing since I was two or two and a half, so it's something I grew up with. I used to dance 30 hours a week. Modeling was always something on the side, and it still is something on the side, it was never the main focus but it came from dancing. I think the first modeling job I got was because of a dance competition. They had a discount dance model search, and I was the chosen one for that one. So, even acting came from dancing. A lot of what I do today comes from my dancing experience. It's weird to think about but it's so true. I started acting because I wanted a dance agent. I think my first theater performance was for dance. Dancing was my main focus for so many years.

In this day and age, social media is a big influence for people in the spotlight. How do you use social to connect with your fans and followers?

I don't have any calculated way of posting on Instagram or anything like that. I really try not to go on social media, to be honest. I don't even have Instagram on my phone. I use Snapchat to just message my friends, and sometimes I post on my story. But I think the main things I do on social media is post things I'm interested in, and I not just what's trendy. Even if I do post something that's trending, I'll address it. I also try to ask questions sometimes. Twitter is a really good way to actually communicate with people who follow me. It's really cool on Twitter I think. I probably go on Twitter maybe once a week, but when I do go on it, I can talk to people who are really interested in things I'm interested in, which is kind of cool because a lot of my friends and people right now aren't into composers, and I love composers so much. I love film scores and I've connected with a lot of people who loved the same ones as me. We chat about the score for "The Lobster" or "The Hateful Eight." We're always talking about new scores, people I haven't even met, we just all have similarities.

Where did your love for composers and scores come from?

Even before "The Hateful Eight" came out, I just love movies, I'm such a big movie person. I see movies every day, I love movies. But when "The Hateful Eight" came out, and I saw it, I appreciated film so much. The score was so good and so inspiring that when I went home I googled Ennio Morricone, I downloaded the score. I think from there, my love for film really escalated. I wanted to watch every movie and listen to every score. I learned about all of these composers now, and I listen to film scores on a daily basis. If I heard it in a movie, I'll probably listen to it.

What advice do you wish you had received before you started your acting career?

I would say not to judge myself or compare too much. That's a big thing I'm still trying to learn is not to judge myself or other people. I would also like to have been told to enjoy the project while you're in it, not necessarily wait for the result you'll get from it.

Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

I don't want to get too specific because I'm such a spontaneous person and I'm up for anything. But I do hope that I can keep on working and be in some other cool films I would be passionate about. As long as I'm working and I'm passionate about what I'm working on, then I think that's the best.

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