Actress Chloe East reveals what it was like to be on the set of "Ice"

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Getting your start in the world of acting can be a difficult one. It takes long hours of practicing for roles, countless auditions, and facing potential rejections.

But none of that stopped Chloe East from following her dreams.

This actress got her start on the big screen at just 12 years old, when she had a small part on True Blood. Now, four years later, East has earned herself recurring roles on both Disney Channel's "Liv and Maddie" and Audience Network's "Ice."

While the two roles may seem worlds apart from one another, East has demonstrated her interest in both dramatic and comedic storylines and hopes to continue testing out new styles of acting.

We had the chance to sit down with East and chat with her about everything from her start in the business, to her favorite thing about being on set, and more. Check out part one of the interview below!

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How did you first become involved in acting?

I did school theater in elementary school. I did things like Annie, but it was my dad's friend and he's a producer and a really good friend to my mom and my dad. They both acted as well. I met with Jeff one day with my dad, and then we started to go through this random scene, and after that, he recommended a manager for me and we went for there. So, what got me started was Jeff and coaching with him, because everything else I did before that was theater, but this was actually the first script.

How did you get involved with the show "Ice"?

It was an audition that came from my agent. I really thought there was no shot in me getting the part, so I didn't try too hard because I just didn't think it would happen. I auditioned for ICE and then a couple days later, this was before the screen test, I got a call from my management and it all happened so fast. When I heard it was Antwon Fuqua I knew I was in. At first, I wasn't sure and then I got the full script and I was into it. It was very different from the "Liv and Maddie" show I just got off of. It was very different and it was very dark and I was really intrigued to play a darker character. So I was in, and I did it!

You mentioned being on "Liv and Maddie" in the past, but what do you like about drama that you didn't get exposed to being on a more comedy/upbeat show?

When I was on "Liv and Maddie" you know, it was all kids and comedy and Disney channel. But before that I had been on True Blood, so I was still auditioning when I was on "Liv and Maddie" for really dark roles, and it's just how it was. As an actress you're supposed to try a bunch of different varieties and roles, you know, TV and movies and action and drama. I just really think that when I got those roles I realized it was my chance to do something different. My thoughts are working with drama is that it is what it is, I read the script and do my lines and then I go home. It's not that I like one more than I like the other.

What's your favorite thing about being on set with "Ice"?

That's pretty hard, I love people and I think meeting new people was the best. I loved everyone we worked with too. I became really close with people, and being in Canada too was awesome! Canadians are awesome. I really met incredible people and I was so inspired and motivated to see my cast members' work. It had a lot to do with the people. I think it's like that with any show, you get really close with people. Like the last day of shooting for "Liv and Maddie" was really hard. You're with these people for months and years. It's really amazing. It's a lot about who you're with that makes it special -- at least for all of the jobs I've worked on, the people have been really great.

Can you talk a little more about what it was like to be on "Liv and Maddie"?

It was really great. Again, the people were so so great. Someone asked me a few days ago if it was hard to be on a show that had done three previous years without me. And no, it wasn't. The first day I came into "Liv and Maddie," it felt like everyone was a family. Everyone took me in, and I was immediately immersed in their lifestyle and everyone taught me so much. I took so much out of it. It was really an amazing time to be in that environment. That show was the best environment. It was all positive and there was no drama, everyone on that show was amazing.

You have done some very different jobs, if you could work with any actress or actor or director, who would you want to work with next?

There are so many people that I am inspired by, it's hard to pick one out, but I think being in a Western film would be so great. Like, working with Quentin Tarantino would be so great. I've heard so many stories about how great he is to work with and how passionate he is. What draws me to a director is how much passion they have with cinema, and he seems like just one of the most passionate people. He's had all his movies made on film, you know, "The Hateful Eight" was filmed on 70mm, which is unheard of these days. It's great to watch his films because you feel like you're in an old cinema. He doesn't follow any rules he just does what he wants. I feel like working with him would be insane.

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