'Roseanne' revival is currently in development with Roseanne Barr, John Goodman and Sara Gilbert

2017 is officially the year of TV revivals!

"Roseanne" is making its return to the airwaves, reports confirmed Friday. Insiders say an eight-episode revival is in development, with major networks including Netflix currently bidding on the series.

Series creator Roseanne Barr is spearheading the efforts, and beloved co-stars John Goodman and Sara Gilbert are both on board. Barr would executive produce the new show alongside Tom Werner and Bruce Helford, who both executive produced the original program.

The exciting news comes just shy of the two-decade anniversary of the "Roseanne" finale. The series came to a close in May 1997 after nearly ten years on the air. The classic episode pulled in nearly 17 million viewers. "Roseanne" won a whopping 17 Emmys during its run.

Wildly successful as it was, "Roseanne"'s odd final season was met with confusion by fans. The relatable story of a blue-collar family struggling to make ends meet resonated with viewers -- but things suddenly turned when the family won the lottery. In the finale, a final twist revealed that in fact, the whole concluding season was in Roseanne's mind, a coping mechanism after her husband passed. It remains to be seen how the revival would address this puzzling change in direction.

"The Big Bang Theory" star Johnny Galecki also starred on the hit show, but there's no word yet whether he's interested in reprising his role for the reboot.

If Netflix wins the bidding war, "Roseanne" would join the ranks of "Full House" and "Gilmore Girls," both of which hit it big with hugely-successful reboots on the site. It's currently unknown what other networks are clamoring for the project -- but we have a feeling we'll know soon enough!