Jonathan and Drew Scott's older brother, JD, will join 'Brother vs. Brother' for season 5

Brother vs. brother... plus brother!

Jonathan and Drew Scott will revamp waterfront properties in the new season of HGTV's "Brother vs. Brother," but there's another Scott joining the mix: Older brother JD will serve as referee as his younger bros battle it out!

"Property Brothers" fans only recently discovered that JD existed at all, and the sudden realization set Twitter on fire. Although he's been in the spotlight for years -- he's hosted past HGTV shows and appears regularly on radio stations -- most didn't realize he was related to the beloved Scott twins. As referee, he'll have to play fair between his two competitive brothers.

"For me, failure is not an option," Drew said in a statement. "This year, I'm going to win or die trying."

See photos of the Property Brothers

Season 5 takes place in Galveston, Texas, where each twin will receive $600,000 and six weeks of time to buy and totally remodel homes on the beautiful bay. Along the way, they'll square off against each other in weekly challenges, each week's loser will have to face his fate: He'll be stuck with unfortunate chores like heading out to sea to catch shrimp for his brother's dinner.

Fans can also visit for inside looks at the gorgeous revamped spaces -- and they can vote on which twin's room reigns supreme each week.