Johnny Depp makes surprise appearance on 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ride at Disneyland

We've all had nightmares about Disney World animatronics coming to life (right?), but if it has to happen, this is the way we want it to go.

Johnny Depp shocked guests at Disneyland this week when he crashed the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride -- in full-on Jack Sparrow mode. Although some thought he was an ultra-realistic robot at first, they quickly realized they were getting a real taste of Disney magic!

Fans immediately pulled out their phones to capture the unbelievable scene as Captain Jack Sparrow himself brandished his sword and stumbled through the iconic sets.

"That's really Johnny Depp, you guys," one guest said in awe as she recorded the unexpected moment.

Although some riders excitedly posted that Depp, 53, was actually being filmed for "Pirates" footage, it's more likely that he was simply promoting the upcoming "Dead Men Tell No Tales" with a special treat for fans.

Depp returns as Jack Sparrow in the fifth installment of the franchise, which is out in May 2017.

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