Girl who choked on quarter attempting Criss Angel trick meets magician

The 10-year-old girl who accidentally swallowed a coin while taking after her hero — magician Criss Angel — got to meet the famed illusionist.

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Morgan Renear filmed herself doing a coin trick she learned by watching the magician.

The trick she was trying to imitate is believed to be one where Angel swallows a quarter before making it reappear in his arm.

She was terrified she was going to choke to death. Fortunately, the coin ended up in her stomach and not in her throat.

See photos of Morgan:

The video of the trick-gone-awry went viral, and even reached Criss Angel himself.

"Someone said to me, 'Did you hear about the girl trying to do your trick?" Angel told Inside Edition. "She was rushed to the hospital.' My heart just went out."

Angel was so moved by her story that he invited the young girl and her family to his Las Vegas magic show, Mindfreak Live at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, as his special guest.

He even put them up at the Luxor.

"I'm like, 'Is this real life? Am I dreaming?'" the young girl said. "I was like super, super excited because he's like my idol."

During the performance, Angel called the young girl up on stage and she helped him with a trick. After the show, they met backstage and finally got a chance to chat.

"I'm happy you are okay," Angel said as he presented her with one of his signature magic kits that features 575 tricks, and challenged her to perform them the next time she comes to see him.

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Angel also gave heady advice to the young lady: "Don't swallow coins."

"Please enjoy what I do but never try to do what I do," he advised. "I have been doing [magic] my whole life but never try to do what I do because it will kill you or hurt you."

Angel also gifted Renear and her family lifetime passes to his Vegas show.

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