Bella Thorne on how she deals with fame and fan encounters


Actress Bella Thorne, creator, and writer Marlene King, Charlie DePew, Georgie Flores, and Carter Jenkins stopped by BUILDseriesNYC to talk about their new hit television series, 'Famous In Love.'

The scripted series is about an avenge college student Paige ( played by Bella Thorne) after she auditions for a movie and lands a role in the big-budget blockbuster. The new fame makes Paige Hollywood's new "it" girl, forcing her to navigate the highs and lows of celebrity life. Paige is a character that Thorne can relate to. Both girls are young and new Hollywood stars trying to navigate stardom. After a decade in the spotlight, Thorne still can't believe people know who she is.

"I think the more you just seem comfortable with it, the more comfortable it gets. I guess [at] first it was so weird. I'm still so shocked how many people actually know me. When people ask me for photos I'm always like, really, you know who I am, and it's still so shocking."

With so many people coming up to her for autographs, Thorne has had many crazy fan encounters. She recalled a moment at Universal Studios, where a fan recognized her and as more people realized who she was chaos erupted.

"This girl asked me to write [my autograph] on a piece of toilet paper, in a bathroom, in the middle of a movie at Universal. Then they had to call the ambulance because people were actually getting trampled. Nobody is cool, or famous, or interesting enough, that people should be getting trampled over them. Now I have to always walk through the back, they never let me walk through Universal."

You can catch Thorne and the rest of the cast on 'Famous In Love' on Freeform. You can also binge watch all the episodes now on