NKOTB stars work together on new series 'Return Of The Mac'


Joey McIntyre came to BUILD Series NYC to talk about his new TV series, 'Return Of The Mac.'This new comedy series stars Joey McIntyre as an exaggerated version of himself, with his real-life family. Donnie Wahlberg, who was in the boy band New Kids On The Block with McIntyre, executive produced and was a guest star in the series. McIntyre had only good things to say about Wahlberg, who was there from day one when McIntrye came up with the idea for the show.

"Donnie was the perfect executive producer, he was there when I needed him, and he wasn't when I didn't need him. He was very supportive."

Not only did McIntrye get Wahlberg's advice for the show, but he also did in other areas of his life. The two never lost contact with each other after their boy band years. McIntrye always admired Wahlberg's career and asked him for advice right before they started working on 'Return Of The Mac.' Wahlberg's wisdom was a bit simpler than what McIntrye thought it would be.

"I asked him how do you do it. I didn't think he would have this magical answer, but he said you got to take your lumps. It was so simple, but it was pretty wise. No matter what you do you got to learn on your own. You kinda have to go with the ups and down, and take your hits. I was with Donnie when I had this idea ['Return Of The Mac']. Throughout the series, I would always check in with him."

Wahlberg and his wife Jenny McCarthy guest-starred in a few episodes of the show. You get to see a piece of Wahlberg and McIntyre's relationship and how Wahlberg always supports McIntyre.

"I call him a lot [Wahlberg] during the show with these crazy ideas, and he always seems to find a way to get me out of it."

You can catch 'Return Of The Mac' on Wednesdays nights on PopTV.