Fashion flop! Tyra Banks wears wacky suit, Jessica Simpson goes vampire and more celebrity fashion misses

It's a big week for fashion flops.

This week Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpson, Bella Hadid and Lena Dunham were some of the biggest fashion offenders.

Tyra Banks, who is set to take the stage as host of "America's Got Talent" in a matter of weeks, could definitely use some talent when it comes to getting dressed. The former model showed off her offbeat style in a wild suit this week that had fashion-lovers scratching their heads.

Bella Hadid, also a famous model, didn't fare much better. Perhaps, she should start to take more tips from the catwalk? The brunette stunner hit the town in a full denim jumpsuit that looks better for Daisy Duke than it does on a model.

Check out all the big fashion misses below: