Hollywood Secrets: There's a jaw-dropping 'Batman' secret inside the Warner Brothers studios


You can't have a Batman without the Batmobile!

The Batmobile may arguably be even sleeker and sexier than Batman himself -- and the vehicle isn't just all for show.

The self-powered, armored car driven by the DC Comics superhero is kept hidden in the Batcave (naturally) and is used to fight crime in the city of Gotham.

And while Batmobile may seem like a thing of fiction, the vehicle is actually parked at the Warner Brothers studio in Hollywood, California. The Warner Brothers back lot is also where Gotham City is located -- on Hennessey Street. Countless of "Batman" movies, from "Batman Returns" to "Batman Forever," have been filmed on this one street. Unknown to most, hit TV shows "Big Bang Theory" and "Friends" also shot scenes on Hennessey Street.

One area of the studio -- naturally named the Batcave -- houses all the original Batmobiles. While the vehicles perform unbelievable stunts in the movies, like transform into a jet, obviously it can't do that in real life.

However, they are all fully functioning vehicles and not just props, meaning you can take it out on a joyride. Forget the Porsche, can you imagine driving along PCH in that?!

There are more secrets that lay hidden inside the Warner Brothers studio. Find out more -- including one about "Pretty Little Liars" that will blow your mind -- in the video above!

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