Then and now: Boy band edition, from O-Town to BBMak, LFO and more '90s groups!


Before One Direction, there was NSYNC. NSYNC was preceded by the Backstreet Boys, who followed New Kids on the Block, who came after the Jackson 5 -- America's boy band history should have its own college major.

We all know what became of Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson, but what about the stars of lesser-known boy bands? You know the type: They had one or two hit songs that you still hear every so often, and you somehow still know all the words.

Although most have broken up, some '90s and '00s boy bands are still alive and well: O-Town, which formed in 2000 through MTV's reality show "Making the Band," announced the release of a new single in April 2017! Other groups still perform and release new music as well. Here's what your boy band crushes from 15 years ago are up to now: