Gwen Stefani's new bangs are just as good as you'd expect

Singer, The Voice judge, and Glamour Woman of the Year Gwen Stefani has never been afraid of a beauty change. She's been a bona fide chameleon since her No Doubt days and, more recently, has experimented with curly, brunette wigs and nude makeup (a serious departure from her usual M.O. of black eyeliner and red lipstick). And let's not forget her dramatic hair makeover following the news she was getting divorced. We're here for all of it—because really, Stefani could wear a paper bag and still be all sorts of #goals for us.

She doesn't seem to be slowing her roll, especially where her hair is concerned. She just debuted a new set of blunt, choppy bangs on The Voice:

It's not Stefani's first time with bangs. Way back when—we're talking the '90s here—she wore super-short, baby bangs through both her blond and pink hair color phases. Then, throughout the 2000s, you could regularly spot her with side bangs. She's also come up with genius ways to hide them, whether it be twisting them back and away from her face or within a quirky updo.

Even though bangs aren't new territory for Stefani, this is the first time that she's worn longer, blunt-cut bangs. There is, of course, the very good chance that it's just a very well-placed set of clip-in bangs—but either way, it works for her. If you're not a fan, it might just be because it—obviously—looks different. (After all, people freaked when she showed up to the 2016 Billboard Music Awards with loads of bronzer and no bold lipstick in sight. Not that it really matters, though. Her decision to experiment with her makeup is hers alone—and, OK, maybe her go-to makeup artist Gregory Arlt's too.)

Speaking of which, her makeup look, too, has been shifting lately towards a less retro look than her original; think more contouring and softer tones of lipstick. It's a refreshing change as far as her hair and makeup go, and we're mostly excited to see what comes next.

We've reached out to her hairstylist for more details and will update this when we know more.

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