Warren Beatty sets the record straight on 2017 Oscars mix-up and sleeping with 13,000 women

Warren Beatty is setting the record straight.

The legendary actor appeared on "The Graham Norton Show" on Friday night to talk about that Oscars mix-up and all the rumors surrounding his sex life.

Beatty, 80, finally spoke out about the historic fiasco in which he announced the wrong film for Best Picture -- "La La Land" instead of "Moonlight" -- after being handed the wrong envelope. As you can probably remember, mayhem ensued on stage that night.

"I guess you could say it was chaos," the actor bluntly said.

Host Graham Norton then asked Beatty if that's all people could talk about at all the parties that night:

"No, that's not true. People talk about themselves."

And thought it definitely wasn't Beatty's fault, the Academy has announced several changes since then in order to avoid such a mishap in the future.

Graham then got to the goood stuff!

The Oscar-winning actor dated Caryl Simon in the 1970s, and it was long rumored that her hit song "You're So Vain" was about him.

"You walked into the party, like you were walking into a yacht," the iconic song goes.

In the past, Simon has said that Warren was one of the three men who inspired the song describing a vain man.

However, Warren wasn't too jazzed about the topic, shutting down Norton by saying he had no idea: "I don't know that."

For Graham's final question, he finally asked what has been really on everybody's minds: Is it true that Warren has slept with 13,000 women?

Norton was referring to the claim biographer Peter Biskind made in his book "Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America."

Of course, Warren erupted in laughter.

"That was a busy month! You'd have to live a long time to do that."

And while Beatty didn't give viewers a specific number, we're sure his playboy days are long behind him. Warrne, who used to date Madonna, Joan Collins and Julie Christie, has been happily married to Annette Bening since 1992. They have four children together which was part of the reason that he took such a long hiatus from acting.

"We have four kids who are all more interesting to me than any 50 movies, but now we are approaching the empty nest period I'm maybe going to make some movies."