Julian Lennon shares why he wants young readers to learn about environmental issues

Julian Lennon, singer, documentary filmmaker, photographer, and now children's book author, stopped by AOL's BUILD Series to promote his debut picture book 'Touch the Earth'. With Earth Day around the corner, this book appropriately serves to educate kids (and adults) about some of the issues we face on this planet such as water pollution. He's previously written songs about the environment and he's done documentaries about the environment.

Lennon dished about why he wanted to write this book at this point of his career.

"The only thing that I hadn't really touched upon was approaching the kids. I was actually getting together with the co-writer of this, Bart [Davis], whose a dear friend to talk about a biography because I figured time is marching on [and] I might pop my clogs sooner than later with the way the world is going. A lot of my friends are sadly passing and I thought well 'Better sooner than later' in that regard. He hadn't really heard about my background. He knew parts of it but as we've talked about White Feather and everything else I was doing he asked 'Have you ever thought about writing for kids?', and I was like 'I actually hadn't', I've done other projects, I've done voice-overs, and CD's for kids but never actually written for them as such. So we embarked on a little journey and came up with this little beauty I hope you'll agree."

This endeavor connected to many aspects with Lennon. It deals with his passions in life, his personal beliefs, and the White Feather Foundation. Adding on top of that is the educational component to which Lennon continued to explain:

"I think 3 year olds and around that age is very much as they say "The Why Age". You know, 'Why this?', 'Why that?'. So it was about having a nice story but also about striking up conversation about today's world."

Lennon also wanted this interactive book out there for parents to bond with their kid(s). The parent-child bonding moment has waned in the age of digital technology.

"This is a bonding nurturing moment between child and parent. I wanted to heartened back to that. I hope we've achieved that with this book."

'Touch the Earth' is the first of three books planned by Lennon. In it, it deals with the importance of clean water and it teaches kids to be aware of the consequences about water pollution and to empower them to think about the future.

"Just look at the political state of the world and the environmental and humanitarian state of the world right now. It's pretty ugly. I think if we could hold onto any glimmer of hope and teach the next generation about the good things and how not to destroy our future and their future and their children's future then every little thing helps every step of the way."

You can get your copy of 'Touch The Earth' by Julian Lennon online and in bookstores. Proceeds from the book will go to Lennon's White Feather Foundation.

The foundation seeks to make life better for everyone on Earth from clean water initiatives to health and education initiatives to looking after indigenous tribes and cultures. Click here to learn more and to donate to many of their numerous causes.

Finally, be sure to check out Julian's official website to stay up to date about his latest projects and appearances.