Kelly Osbourne comes out as 'open to loving anybody,' blasts celebs who pretend to be gay

Kelly Osbourne knows "gay" celebrities who aren't actually gay, but don't ask her to tell you who.

"I don't like it when people claim to be gay and then not. ...I'm like, I know you. I've known you pretty much since before you used to s**t outside of a diaper. You are not gay!" the 32-year-old told PrideSource in a revealing new interview timed to the release of her first book, There Is No F**king Secret: Letters from a Bad**s B**ch.

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"But," she continued, refraining from naming names, "I think outing somebody in that way is just as bad as outing somebody who has not come out of the closet."

Why, exactly, do fake-lesbian celebrities bother the star?

"I've marched till my feet bled for the right of equal love in the gay community, and you're just gonna step in because it looks cool for you and now tell everybody that you're a lesbian when you've never even seen another p*ss that's not yours so you can get attention?" she explained.

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As for the former Fashion Police host's own sexuality, she disclosed that, though she's only been in relationships with men, she's definitely not straight.

"Everybody's gay," she said. "It is a strictly human thing. You can't put a gender on love. ... Sexuality is a word I try not to even define the way the world defines it. It's the person who you are sexually attracted to."

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Osbourne says her approach to sexuality is "never say never." "I've never been in a relationship with a woman, but I don't know that it's not a possibility," she admitted, adding that, "I was disappointed that I wasn't gay."

"I'm open to loving anybody," she continued. "It's about the person. I don't think it's about the sexuality at all." Osbourne attributes her openness regarding her views on sexual orientation to her parents, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, noting, "It's equally my mom and my dad." "I mean, my mom was calling up (a drag club) in San Francisco; I was, like, 11 or 12 and being snuck into a drag bar," she recalled.

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After Osbourne discovered that her mother would also be open to relationships with women, "I told her, 'Would you be the butch one? Come on, tell me, which one would you be?' I'm always like, 'Mom, which one would you be?' And she's like, 'Oh, shut up, Kelly!'"

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Last year, Osbourne further affirmed her allegiance to the LGBT community when she revealed a new head tattoo, the word "Solidarity," in honor of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. See the video below for more.