EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea Handler on embracing singledom and using Tinder to hook up: 'I'm on all those apps'

Chelsea Handler is getting candid about her dating life, admitting that she uses Tinder to find hookups when she's on the road!

"Oh, I'm on all those apps," the comedian told ET's Nischelle Turner while promoting season two of her talk show, Chelsea, which premieres on Netflix on Friday. "I like to hook up, so when I go to London or New York or if I'm out of town and I want, I'll do that ... I'm on Tinder [and] all that stuff. I'm a regular person."

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Handler added that she tends to swipe right for partners, who are in a "seven-mile radius," and that she is also a member of the private, exclusive dating app Raya.

Such apps are a natural option for meeting men, given that Handler says she rarely gets asked out.

"That's another reason I'm single -- no one asks me out," she shared. "I don't know [why,] but there's something about women having bold personalities that excludes a certain portion of the male population from wanting to go out with you. I know a lot of men are scared to go out with me because they think I'm going to talk about them on TV after [we] break up and they're not wrong -- I've done that in the past, so I have to accept responsibility. If that means I remain single for the rest of my life, than maybe I wasn't supposed to meet anybody."

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Not that the 42-year-old star has a problem with being single!

In fact, she loves her freedom, doing "whatever I want," and encourages other women to embrace not having a significant other.

"I think it's really important to embrace your singledom when you are single because most of us aren't going to be single forever," Handler said. "People are always worried about the thing that they don't have or the opposite of the situation that they are in, so when you are single, I would encourage women to really have fun with it and not always worry about when you're going to meet a guy or try so hard because they are everywhere."

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As for her own hopes for the future, Handler insists her personal dreams are not pinned on finding a partner and that a guy would need to be "pretty spectacular" for her to consider giving up her single status.

"I have high expectations and I expect a lot in return, so if I met someone who is absolutely fantastic, yes, I would be like, 'Great, let's get the party started,'" she said. "I don't have any fear of commitment or anything -- I just have a very high value for my freedom and my professional life."

"I really like my life, so he'd have to be pretty spectacular," she added. "I don't spend a lot of time thinking about boys. Once in a while I'll have a fling here and there and that's fun. I think the older you get, the better your decision-making gets with men, so the longer you wait, the longer it will probably last."

Speaking of lasting longer, Handler's show, Chelsea, was extended from 30 minutes to a full hour for season two, meaning she was able to delve into deep and meaningfuls with her guests and include segments from her travels, including taking a Bollywood dance class and attending an Indian wedding.

Upcoming episodes also feature Handler's popular dinner party segment, but she noted there's certain people who will never score an invite.

"Anyone with the last name Trump," she said. "First of all, I don't like them. Second of all, they don't drink, so what fun would that be?"

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And, who's top of her wish list?

"Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are a great couple," Handler said. "They are always cool [and] fun to be around."