Ludacris says his bad CGI abs in 'Vitamin D' video are intentional

Yesterday (April 11), rap veteran Ludacris shared his Eif Rivera-directed video for "Vitamin D," a new Ty Dolla $ign collab. In the video, Luda swaggers around and shows off an impressively chiseled torso. There's a problem, though: It does not look even remotely real. It looks terrible. Twitter had a field day with Luda yesterday, comparing screen shots of the Luda video with cut scenes from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and images of Michael Cera wearing fake muscles in Arrested Development. It even became a Twitter Moment. But Ludacris himself has an explanation for the video: He meant to do that.

On Twitter, Luda has posted a bunch of jokes about the video, pointing out that the whole thing was a self-aware goof and that, in the final scene of the video, he wakes up without the fake muscles. And honestly, there's no way he's not right. If this was 50 Cent or some other un-self-aware faded rap star, you might have a case. But Ludacris has been doing goofy CGI shit in videos for his entire 17-year career. (Fans of the "Roll Out" video might be shocked to learn that Luda does not have a giant head and a tiny body.) Also, Luda is visibly cheesing all through the "Vitamin D" video. So: You missed the joke, everyone. Congratulations. Here's the video:


If there's a sad part about this, it's that Ludacris made a whole single out of the terrible "Vitamin D" pun in 2017.

This article was originally published on Stereogum.