Ryan Phillippe proves how intense Katy Perry dating rumors can be

Ryan Phillippe proves how intense Katy Perry dating rumors can be

Anyone who buys the rumor that Ryan Phillippe and Katy Perry are Hollywood's newest couple should look no further than Phillippe's Twitter account, where he has noted, in no uncertain terms, that he is not dating Perry. "I AM NOT DATING KATY PERRY," the actor tweeted on Sunday in all caps. "BARELY KNOW HER. PLEASE STOP FLYING HELICOPTERS OVER MY HOUSE. SHE IS NOT HERE. thx."

Tabloids were quick to write that Perry and Phillippe had been flirting at Elton John's birthday party in late March—almost in the exact same way her relationship with Orlando Bloombegan at the 2016 Golden Globes (no word on a vape pen, though). According to a source for Hollywood Life: "[Perry] was totally giggling and at one point [Phillippe] had his hand on her knee."

These rumors quickly garnered paparazzi attention, and Phillippe claims they've been flying over his home in low-hovering helicopters since they started.

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After seeing Phillippe's initial tweet complaining about the helicopters, one fan tweeted at Philippe, "I wish people thought I was dating Katy Perry."

Phillippe quickly responded:

Perry, who has yet to comment, has had to deal with her fair share of romance rumors in the past. When reports surfaced last year that her then-boyfriend Orlando Bloom was dating Selena Gomez, Perry attempted to shut down the chatter by redirecting fans to news of Bloom's charitable work for UNICEF.

Vanity Fair has reached out to reps for Phillippe and Perry for comment.

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