Mark Hamill has scathing response to Donald Trump interrupting 'Rogue One' screening

Mark Hamill slammed Steve Bannon in response to seeing a photo of Donald Trump interrupting a screening of "Star Wars" film "Rogue One" while aboard Air Force One.

Photos surfaced of the moment on Thursday after President Trump spoke to members of the press on the aircraft as they were watching the most recent "Star Wars" movie.

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Michigan journalist Brent Ashcroft took to Twitter with a screenshot of the moment being shown on ABC to ask Hamill what he thought about the moment.

"Hey @HamillHimself, what's your take on Trump watching #RogueOne while being interviewed on Air Force One?" he tweeted at the actor.

See photos of the moment:

In response to the inquiry, Hamill responded with a quick-witted zinger of his own.

"#RogueOne?" he retorted. "I thought they were just screening Steve Bannon's home movies."

This isn't the first time Hamill has taken Trump to task, of course. He famously released recordings of himself reading the president's infamous tweets in the voice of "The Trumpster," as he calls the character that channels his version of The Joker from a 1992 animated show.

"As a voiceover actor, you recognize good dialogue -- and I haven't had dialogue this good since Paul Dini," he once said of his recordings.

See photos of Mark Hamill:

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