Actress Madisyn Shipman dishes on her unique career dreams and more

Actress Madisyn Shipman may have a love for the big screen, but she's also got her sights set on much, much more.

Though she started acting at a young age, Shipman quickly grew interested in a multitude of activities, including musical instruments, singing, and science. While she resonates personally with the character she plays on "Game Shakers", Kenzie Bell, she knows she's got a lot going for her in the real world.

Not only that, but she spends a large portion of her time giving back. As a part of the No Kid Hungry campaign, Shipman spends time traveling to schools helping to raise awareness for the cause. On an even more personal level, Shipman is also involved in a charity whose donations go to helping fight against Neimann-Pick disease. Her little cousin passed away when she was just 2 years old from the disease, and Shipman has made it her mission to be involved.

We had the chance to chat with this "Game Shakers" star about her passions, acting, the future and more. Check out part two of the interview below!

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You also have a passion for music -- how did that all start?

My dad had a guitar and he didn't really play, but he had one, and I always thought maybe I'll play it someday. When I was about nine, I asked my mom if I could learn how to play, so we got my very first guitar -- it's a pink Hello Kitty one. It was an electric, and that was the guitar I learned how to play on. Ever since then, I fell in love with it. Now I play ukulele, keyboard, a dab of the bass, and I sing. For me, one instrument led to many others. Initially, it was just guitar, and then I got a ukulele, and I fell in love with that. Then, I got a keyboard because I wanted to try something without strings. A year and a half later, I wanted to try the bass, but my fingers are a bit too small, but it's still fun.

Is this more of a hobby, or are you looking to do more with music?

I am looking to do more with music. Right now, I'm recording an EP. I'm not sure how many songs we'll release, but I do want to release an original song at the Kid's Choice Awards, that way people will know me for more than just Nickelodeon and TV. I also recorded some covers, because they were some of my favorite songs. It was fun.

Social media in this day and age is huge for people in the spotlight, how has social media helped you grow your audience and reach your fans?

There are Instagram live videos now which is awesome because you can interact with your fans in a different way. Now, you can respond to their comments live. A lot of fans find that amusing. For example, while I'm in New York I'm planning on doing a live video every other night, and on the nights I'm not doing it I'm going to go live from my best friend Lilly's account with her. We'll have one every day. Last night we did a shaving cream war, which was hilarious. It was a big mess.

What would you say your relationship is like with your fans?

I think it's really strong. I love meeting my fans, and anytime they're around I try to accommodate them. Like if they want to take a picture or if they want me to sign something or take a picture, I say yes. Without them, I would be no one. They've been so supportive of me since day one.

If you could work with one actor or director who would you pick and why?

Sandra Bullock definitely. She's so caring. I look up to her so much, I want to be like her when I'm older. She works with a lot of charities like I do, but I find that really inspiring because she sets a good example for so many young girls to just follow their dreams and do what they want. I am trying to follow in her footsteps.

You mentioned charities and awareness, you've done some work with Niemann-Pick disease, what kinds of things have you done to raise awareness around this?

The whole reason I'm involved with Niemann-Pick is because my cousin Zoe died at the age of two from this disease. So, it's been with me for pretty much my whole life. It's a disease where fat accumulates on your organs. It doesn't normally happen to kids, but whenever it does it's very brutal. Any donations go to finding a cure, but you can also read up on how you can help. That's one charity I work with because it's so close to my heart. I also work with No Kid Hungry, which is an organization where they give food to kids that are less fortunate. Those kids will hopefully be able to have a good meal. When I heard about all of the kids around the world who don't have meals or who are dying due to starvation, I was really devastated. Now, I go to schools with the organization and tell other kids how they can be involved.

In terms of acting, life, music, everything, what advice would you give to kids who want to take a similar path to you?

Always follow your dreams and don't let anyone change them because you can do anything you put your mind to. I've learned that, and I know it works.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I have a lot of dreams. For high school, I want to do 9th and 10th in one year and 11th and 12th in another year, that way I can take college classes early and get my degree in neuroscience because I want to be a neurosurgeon. School for neuroscience is eight years long, so I want to get a head start. I want to get through school and get everything done. I am still doing the four years of high school, I'm just going to be focused on cutting out the busy works. That way I can start early. I'm so excited.

What made you want to become a neurosurgeon?

My mom is a nurse, so I've always wanted to be in the medical field -- whether it be a nurse or a doctor. But, I'm also obsessed with Grey's Anatomy, and I didn't really know what neurosurgeons did until I saw that show. They save so many lives! It would be a fun job and I would get to help save lives, on top of being real life Grey's Anatomy! I think the feeling you'd get after saving a life would be awesome. That attracted me to it.

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