The 'Property Brothers' have another brother -- meet JD Scott!

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Jonathan and Drew Scott, the duo behind the HGTV hit "Property Brothers," are probably America's most recognizable twins (next to the Olsen sisters, of course) but did you know there is a THIRD brother?! Nope, we didn't either.

Meet their older brother -- JD! While we thought JD stood for the first letter of each of his twin brothers' names, it's actually short for "James Daniel."

Judging from his Instagram photos, the mystery brother is quite a looker. Check him out for yourself:

You can a lot about a person by their Instagram feed, and JD's photos definitely give his fans a sweet taste of how the third "Property Brother" lives.

The Las Vegas resident is a fan of many things -- tattoos, the very basic (yet lovable) bunny Snapchat filter and the color black.

What probably surprised us most was that JD used to work as a celebrity impersonator! He once revealed that he's performed on stage in Las Vegas as both David Bowie and Adam Lambert. And now, a hilarious picture of Jonathan, Drew and JD -- who looks totally like Pete Wentz -- is making its rounds on the internet.

It's seriously the best! And understandably, people don't know what to freak out over -- the fact that he looks like just like the Fall Out Boy guitarist or that there's actually a third "Property Brother."

Our lives will never be the same again.

His little brother, Drew, is set to marry his longtime love Linda Phan this year, so we're highly anticipating photos of JD as a groomsman to ogle at.