Nikki Bella gives exclusive details on John Cena's proposal


WWE superstar, Nikki Bella, dishes to BUILD Series on the day John Cena asked her to marry him. The proposal took place on live TV at WrestleMania 33 and will go down in WrestleMania history as being one of it's most memorable moments.

The WWE is filled with many scripted moments; many people who watched the proposal may have thought that it was all a part of the act. Bella never doubted that the moment was anything but genuine. She knew when she looked into John Cena's eyes that it was for real.

"I mean when you look into the eyes of someone you love you know [it's real]. I was so locked into his eyes and everything he was saying; it was magical. I have never once doubted our love. And what made it more special is WWE is our home, and I love the fact that he did it at home."

Millions of people watching the proposal live on TV were probably in shock once they realized that it was a real moment. No one was more surprised then Bella's family and friends, who were backstage.

"They were freaking out. My nana literally speed dialed everyone and my whole family knew before I even made it back [backstage]. They were so happy. All my girlfriends were jumping on me. We had like a good five minutes of just screaming and jumping up and down."

Just a few days into her engagement and Bella already has some ideas on where she would like her wedding location to be.

"Napa seems like the most perfect place! It should be in a vineyard with a lot of wine. I think it would be great. Hopefully, John and I would make it down the aisle... We'll see!"

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