Ann Coulter responds to reports she dates 'Good Times' actor Jimmie Walker: 'We're great friends'

Are they are aren't they? According to Ann Coulter herself, it's a "no" -- but a gentle one.

The controversial conservative has officially responded to rumors that she's in a longtime relationship with Jimmie Walker, who rose to fame in the 1970s playing JJ on "Good Times."

"This rumor spreads every now and then, but it's never been true," she told Page Six, adding, "We're great friends. He's hilarious and a Republican. Now, that's news!"

The denial of a romance comes a few days after Norman Lear, who produced "Good Times," revealed he once went on a dinner date with the supposed couple.

"I love him; he's a wonderful guy, but I'll tell you something about him that'll astound you: He dates Ann Coulter," Lear, 94, told Entertainment Weekly. He described Coulter as "a dreamy, delicious, sweet person" -- which undoubtedly surprised both fans and advocates of Coulter. The hard-right pundit is known for being abrasive and sometimes outright offensive.

See photos of (not-dating) Ann Coulter and Jimmie Walker: