Julianne and Derek Hough perform emotional dance inspired by their parents' divorce


That's all we have to say for Derek and Julianne Hough's performance this week on "Dancing With the Stars." The siblings, both of whom used to compete as pro dancers on the show, took to the floor for a deeply personal performance: The story of their parents' divorce.

The contemporary number, set to a remix of "Unsteady" by X Ambassadors, showcased their astounding technical skills -- but more moving was the intense emotion behind the piece. Intricate set pieces symbolized a chaotic home, showing the messiness of their parents' split.

See photos of Julianne Hough through the years:

Julianne was 10 and her brother was barely a teen when the divorce unfolded in 1999. Both siblings were, at that time, already training and competing at a pre-professional level.

Actors silently stand in as Julianne and Derek as children as they cling to their parents, also portrayed by motionless actors. The real-life Julianne and Derek eventually bring their younger counterparts together, indicating that for the rest of their lives, they'll have each other to rely on.

Watch the beautiful performance: