Jordana Brewster reveals her worst-ever red carpet moment was all because of allergies

Sometimes bad makeup happens to good people. Unfortunately for Jordana Brewster, her worst flub is documented forever: It took place right in front of the paparazzi.

"I never thought this would happen to me, but they got a picture with powder just all over my face! It was so splotchy," Brewster told AOL Entertainment. "Because of allergies, I'll get really red, but it's really important to conceal in a subtle way. I hate powder for that reason."

Years later, the "Lethal Weapon" actress has finally figured out the trick to combatting "allergy face" -- the dreaded puffiness that comes along with spring weather. She and celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg teamed up with Zyrtec and beGlammed to guide women through the stressful process of masking irritated skin and watery eyes. The tips and tricks can be found on beGlammed's website and app until June 7.

Greenberg, who's worked with stars including Anna Faris and Kaley Cuoco, is a bonafide master of making clients picture-perfect -- but Brewster pointed out that fighting allergies isn't just about looks.

"You don't really get to take time off to be sick when you're a mom," said Brewster, a mother of two young children. "You're on 24-7 ... Zyrtec allows me to be myself and feel my best," even on particularly rough days.

And with kids this cute, who wouldn't want to maximize play time?

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