Successful house DJ Klingande reveals the one piece of advice he has for aspiring musicians

If you're looking for the next DJ to put on your playlists, look no further. French DJ Cedric Steinmyller, known by his stage name Klingande, is one you'll want to add to all of your party playlists.

Starting at the young age of 21, Klingande took an interest in house music and grew his passion to a full-fledged profession.

Now, Steinmyller has released more than 47 tracks with millions of streams on SoundCloud alone.

We had the chance to hear from Klingande about his social media presence, his advice for musicians and more. Check out the interview below!

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How has social media and the Internet helped your music career?

It's actually what started my career. The first song I uploaded on SoundCloud in 2013 was "Punga," a lot of blogs and YouTube channels shared it, and it grew massively and very quickly. Everybody was sharing it. When we launched "Jubel" a few months later, it was a free download! And the same story happened, but even bigger. Without the love and support of all these blogs, channels and fans on Facebook, I may still be in my bedroom, producing songs.

What's your relationship like with your fans on social media?

It's difficult for me to develop a real relationship with the fans, I try to answer as many emails and Facebook messages I get. People show a lot of love and support, they send their congrats after the shows, or when they listen to my music. I'm grateful for that and I try to reply as many as I can, but I can't do all of them!

What's your favorite online platform currently, and why?

Instagram is my favorite one, I can't say why. I just feel it's really easy and direct connection with the fans, there is nothing too much in it, I really like it.

How do you use social media on a daily basis?

I spend a lot of time on YouTube, listening to songs, learning new production techniques every day. I love to share cool photos with my fans on Instagram, and I spend a lot of time on Facebook as well, more on my personal feed.

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs/musicians?

It will sound very simple -- but work hard, learn how to produce basically everything, expand your skills, and listen to people around you.

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What's the most challenging part of being in this industry?

I think nowadays the most challenging part is to stay revelant for a long time. When you are a DJ it's easy to be on tour, you can do a lot of shows, and sometimes I did too much. Like everyone, I can get exhausted, and when you travel so much you can lose your inspiration. You need to feel good, and be with your friends and family to find the right inspiration in yourself and the resources to stay on top.

What's the one piece of advice you wish you had received before starting out in this industry?

Do not listen too much to labels, and do the music you want to do.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I hope exactly at the same place, I don't want to be the #1 DJ on the planet. I just want to continue making the music I like and I feel good, and tour in all these beautiful places around the world!

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