Katie Holmes transforms into Jackie Kennedy in new series, 'The Kennedys: After Camelot'

Katie Holmes and Matthew Perry sat down for an interview with BUILD Series NYC where they talked about their new miniseries "The Kennedys: After Camelot." The new miniseries follows the life of the Kennedy family after the deaths of Jack and Bobby Kennedy. Katie Holmes will be reprising her role as Jackie Kennedy after playing her in the prequel "The Kennedys."

Even though Holmes has experience playing the popular First Lady, it was not easy getting back into character.

"I worked very hard to jump back in. Kennedy White House tapes had been released, so I got to listen to Jackie's interviews. Hearing her voice and her essence and her humor that really helped [me] to get the feel of her. Also, I printed out as many photos of her as possible trying to get her mannerisms."

Holmes added a little bit of herself into the character. "Whenever you play a real person there is a marriage that happens between you and your research. You put yourself, a lot of yourself, into that character and you just don't want to imitate somebody. You are inventing what you think that person felt at that given moment."

She also talked about physically transforming into Jackie Kennedy by not eating much food to remain slim.

"I was always very hungry because she was so skinny!"

Matthew Perry, who played Ted Kennedy in the miniseries, spoke about getting into character, as well.

"It's a daunting task to play someone who is known in the public eye. I had an accent, [wore] prosthetic ears, and wigs. I played him from the age 38 to 67. As an actor you look for challenging roles like this and once you find one you can't turn it down. I really did not want to do a Ted Kennedy impression I wanted to get as much knowledge as I could about the man and then bring some of myself to the party [role] as well."

The two-part miniseries is scheduled to air on Reelz on April 2, 2017, and April 9, 2017.