Katey Sagal opens up about the 'exploitation of women' in 'Married With Children'


Actor, singer/songwriter, and newly minted author Katey Sagal visited BUILD Series to dish on her hot-off-the-press memoir Grace Notes: My Recollections. In her brutally honest collection of essays published by Gallery Books, Sagal takes the reader on a journey that spans from losing her parents at a young age to starring on the hit FOX sitcom "Married With Children." BUILD got the inside scoop on the inspiration for her novel, her rocky start as a musician, working with her husband Kurt Sutter, and much more.

Sagal, who is known for her television work on "Futurama" and "Sons of Anarchy" (her role as Gemma on the latter won her a Golden Globe), also opened up about her often misunderstood satire as lazy housewife Peggy Bundy on "Married With Children."

"It was a very misogynistic show...Women were completely exploited," said Sagal. "Of course, [I don't think women should be portrayed in a derogatory way]...But playing Peg had nothing to do with what I thought. That was my job."

Sagal also revealed her initial concerns that the irreverent humor of the early 90s show, in addition to FOX's limited broadcast, would prevent it from finding a large fanbase.

"We were like the black sheep of television...We were gnarly," Sagal recalled. "I thought, 'Well, nobody is gonna watch this. [This is hysterical]--this is dark.'"

However, "Married With Children" ended up becoming hugely successful, running for eleven seasons and is now considered a television classic. There's no doubt Grace Notes will soon be hailed as a timeless Hollywood memoir as well.

Be sure to catch Sagal in the upcoming TV movie "Dirty Dancing" airing May 24 on ABC, after you check out Grace Notes: My Recollections.